The CrossFit Games 2015 are On!

July 22, 2015

Thanks to the introduction of the Scaled division, the CrossFit Games became much more accessible to its ever growing fan base. I entered the Open (Scaled, of course!) for the first time this year and it made me much more invested in keeping up with the search for the Fittest on Earth!

Picking out favorite athletes and cheering them on during the Regionals was exhilarating, but now the time has finally come to see who's going to take home the title.

Whether you partook in the CrossFit Open and Regionals or just kept tabs on it, we've all been waiting for the same thing - the finals to begin. And now, they have!

The CrossFit Games officially began on July 21 with the Masters Competition and as of the publication of this article, the Team and Individuals Competition have begun. 

So how can you get your fill of the Games this year?

To catch all the action, watch the event live on TV. ESPN and ESPN 2 is broadcasting all the good stuff over the next few days.

The schedule is as follows:

Date Time (all times in PT) Channel
Friday July 24 4-7 PM ESPN
Saturday July 25 12-3 PM  ESPN
Sunday July 26 12-2 PM ESPN 2
Sunday July 26 4:30-6 PM ESPN 2


Now if you're like me and love seeing who's dominating the top spots, be sure to check out the Leaderboard on the official Games website

There are so many top athletes competing this year, especially with the number of qualifying athletes from each division dropping, so it's going to be very exciting to see who takes home the title.

What I want to know is who are you cheering for and why? If you don't have a favorite then tell me what the Games mean to you?

I know that this year, my participation in the Open really made me challenge myself in a whole new way. I pushed myself harder than I ever had before simply because I knew I would be submitting my results to someone. For whatever reason, that accountability flipped a switch in my brain that shut down my fears and allowed me to achieve some new PR's and truly test the limits of my body.

Though I am no where near being the next Rich or Camille, I advanced leaps and bounds. So go on, hit up that comment section below and tell me how you feel about the Games!