How To Travel the World Without Missing Your WOD

October 23, 2015

I was inspired to write about doing CrossFit while traveling because I recently traveled to Paris, France. I had every intention to drop in at a Box until I found myself hamming it up for the camera in front of Notre Dame doing a handstand walk which took a tragic turn for the worse leaving me with a broken toe! I was so disappointed that there would be no CrossFit for me in Paris because I am always excited to drop in and meet new and interesting people in this amazing community I love so much.

What is it I love so much about CrossFitting while traveling?? Well, in my opinion it is a much better way to get to know my new surroundings than through a travel guide like lonely planet or trip advisor. I get to meet locals and expats from all over the world that are more than willing to share what they love about their home. As a Crossfitter I love dropping in on boxes and learning their different methods of training because every coach and gym is different. I have trained at gyms all over the world from Norway to Thailand. I always find something new and different than what I am use to and it helps me change up my training.

One of the people I’ve met on my WOD travels is Dave Driskell who is a part of AdventureFit Travel team. AdventureFit Travel is a tour company that sets up epic travel and fitness adventures for people like us. They take all the hassle out of the travel experience and combines the trip with world class fitness training. What could be cooler?

Through Dave I met Bill Kerr, who is the founder of AdventureFit Travel. I had a chance to discuss fitness and travel with him.

WOD NATION: What do you love most about being able to WOD and travel?

BILL: Being able to work out gives me the feeling of staying on top of your fitness and earning those beers and extra desserts that we all love on holidays.

WOD NATION: Why should people choose ADVF?

BILL: I am not saying we are better than anybody else out there but we do offer a perfect mixture of training and travel so that people can have the best of both worlds while they travel.

WOD NATION: What do you find the most rewarding about what you do?

BILL: The most rewarding thing I get out of running AdventureFit Travel is the friendships I make along the way. Travel for me is 50% the destination and 50% the friends you make along the way.

WOD NATION: What is your best advice about being able to WOD and Travel?

BILL: Take a skipping rope (like the awesome WOD Nation Speed Jump Rope). If all your want is to stay fit and keep your heart rate up then this is truly all you need. Add a few bodyweight exercises to some skipping and you have an awesome workout. The world is your gym.

WOD NATION: Where do you want to go next? And why?

BILL: Iceland and India. Oh and South America. Iceland because it's beautiful. India because of Shantaram and South America because it is the best! 

So now you have it. There is no secret to being able to stay fit and travel the world. I hope you don’t hate me right now because I have just ruined your regular routine as you knew it. You are not going to want to miss out on the opportunity to see the world...Remember to keep it constantly varied!

This is a guest post from Linda Hong, CF-L1 Certified and WOD Nation Team Leader. You can always expect to hear back from Linda about any inquires on WOD Nation gear. She is usually traveling around the globe so catch her if you can! For more Linda, you can follow her on Instagram or email

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