Follow these 5 simple rules to prevent weight gain this HO-HO-Holiday.

December 16, 2015

This is a guest post from Austin Thomas, MS, RDN, LDN.  Austin is the owner of Keystone Nutrition, LLC. She is a fellow athlete, cancer survivor, advocate of healthy living and living life to its fullest. You can follow Austin on Keystone Nutrition, LLC and Instagram. 

With 2016 right around the corner, it is time to start thinking about some of those New Year’s resolutions. However, it seems as if many times our human nature sabotages our efforts before we even begin! 

With the holidays amidst us, it is hard to believe that the average person gains an astounding 10 extra pounds within the last 3 months of the year. This just makes it harder to meet those new year’s goals once January hits. Make it easier this year but avoiding that extra weight gain over the holidays by following these 5 Simple Rules.

1. It is only one day! If you look at the title of this article it refers to holiday eating, not holiday(s). With parties all through the month, it is easy to get carried away and completely forget about the 90/10 rule and we end up cheating more like 50-60% of the time…not so great for the waistline, our energy or our moods! Keep the holiday cheer by avoiding processed and higher sugar foods by keeping your cheat DAY to just that, one day.

2. Prepare for temptation. When you do attend work or social holiday gatherings, you know that there is going to be an abundance of cookies, cake, cheese, and wine etc. Make sure you eat a clean, high fiber meal ahead of time and drink lots of tea or water and if appropriate, bring your own healthy dish for others to enjoy with you. This way you will be full and feeling good once you arrive to the party, making temptation that much easier.

3. Don’t deprive yourself. Follow the 90/10 Rule. Don’t forget that you still have that 10% cheat during the week. Flip side of that, it is only 10% ;) If you try to deprive yourself, you are more likely to go overboard if you do cheat. Moderation is key. Pick one party during the week to allow yourself to have that glass of wine or dessert.

4. Pick a “clean” dessert. I absolutely love Healthy Living for clean dessert ideas. Pick a recipe or check out Hail Merry and include these at your own party or as your contribution to one of your friend’s. This will still fall within the 10% rule, but they are much more nutrient dense and are more beneficial to your health than the majority of processed options that you are usually devouring this time of year.

5. Don’t skip your workouts. As you take vacation days from work, its sometimes easy to automatically take a vacation from working out. Stick to your routine. Even if you are traveling, it is easy to do a quick 10 minute body weight WOD (burpees anyone?) before you leave your apartment to catch that plane or get on the road. When you do arrive to your final destination, look for the closest box or gym to visit. And if there isn’t one, stick to workouts that you can easily do at your relatives or hotel. Starting your day off with a workout will not only make you less likely to go overboard cheating psychologically, but it will keep your metabolism up to speed and will help prepare you for that one day of celebration (okay, maybe 2, but seriously, no more!) 

This holiday season don't deprive yourself and enjoy in moderation. Hope y'all have a happy and healthy 2016!

Yours in health,

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