The Top 3 Box Jump Mistakes Crossfitters make (#2 might shock you)

January 31, 2016

Be more human. I love this saying that CrossFit has taken as their own. It reminds me that it’s okay to make mistakes and that I can learn from these experiences – both in the real world and in the box! However, it is difficult to correct mistakes if you don’t know where to begin. My arch nemesis for some time was the box jump. Mistake after mistake can be frustrating. Hopefully you to will learn from my mistakes!

A box jump is a very simple movement where an athlete jumps from the ground with two feet onto an elevated box but they can also be deceivingly tricky and dangerous if you don’t actually pay attention.

Mistake 1- Don’t squat at the top

About a year into doing Crossfit I didn’t realize I was putting more work into my box jump than needed. I remember my coach saying, “Why are you landing in a squat at the top?” And in my head I didn’t understand what he meant until he showed me...

This is example of what I was doing! No wonder why I was really “feeling” the box jumps. Finally, a light bulb went off in my head! After that box jumps became easier and I was able to execute the box jump in the right form.

How to fix this? 
In this video, around 2:05 it demonstrates why people squat on a box jump when its not needed (unless it is apart of the work) then it goes into showing you how to get comfortable with landing in the correct form. 

Mistake 2- Don’t rebound

Fast forward a couple years and I’m getting super efficient at box jumps where I was rebounding all the time without thinking there was any serious consequence because I wanted to make sure I could perform them in a quickly during a WOD. Then as I was watching the North Central Regionals where Julie Foucher injured her achilles tendon. NOOOO! I think we all remember this moment. 

 I couldn’t believe that this happened to her. There’s no doubt that Julie is a hardcore athlete who knows what she is doing. The fact she experienced an injury from an execution mistake it made me think “hey, if that can happen to her it can sure as well happen to you.” And as much as I love this sport I have to realize this isn’t my profession and I can’t risk the chances of a serious injury so from now on I have been stepping down.

What is Rebounding? 

It is where you jump up to the box, stand up as per the standards, drop down and rebound back to the top, spending the least amount of time on ground. 

Rebounding is for speed and efficiency but should be taken with the greatest caution. 

Mistake 3- Don’t try to PR all the time  

I’ve been stuck at 38” for quite sometime and naturally I had the urge to TRY and beat it! I went just an inch higher and smack my knees right on the plates. You can imagine how bad it hurt. No blood, thank goodness but my knees were starting to swell a bit and the WOD was next so I went into it thinking I was okay until I had to jump down from the pull up bar and the impact was pretty painful that I couldn’t finish the WOD.

As much as getting a new PR is AMMMAZING…. so is saving your knees and shins! I haven’t tried for about 2 years since that happened. I tried again about a month ago I couldn’t even match my old PR. I kept psyching myself out but… you win some you lose some. And I’m okay with that. I guess you can say I’m being more human.

This is a guest post from Linda Hong, CF-L1 Certified and WOD Nation Team Leader. You can always expect to hear back from Linda about any inquires on WOD Nation gear. She is usually traveling around the globe so catch her if you can! For more Linda, you can follow her on Instagram or email

  3 Box Jump Mistakes to Avoid #crossfit