Have you heard of "The Program" ?

May 13, 2018

Photocredit: Crossfit Chalk

If you do Crossfit then you know there’s a lot of programs out there from your box to free ones that are offered worldwide so what makes us choose a certain program?

Is it because it’s convenient? Free? All my friends are doing it?

Then there are programs you haven’t heard about (yet) because there are LITERALLY so many to choose from! Lucky for you, we cut out all the BS and found one definitely worth looking into at just $20 a month.

That is pretty much unheard of for 2 different types of programming:

  • CrossFit – Our CrossFit programming is challenging, known for being some of the toughest and well thought out programming around. Every day will be much different than the day before and will include lots of strength and accessory work.

  • Sweat! – This program is always about 40 minutes in length, includes lots of conditioning, lighter weights, core work, and an emphasis on getting leaner and toned versus stronger.

Whose behind the mastermind of all of this?? Meet Ryan Fischer, owner of Crossfit Chalk and 7x Regional Competitor. 

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Ryan is a fitness entrepreneur, majored in Sports Science and Nutrition, certified across the board for Crossfit and Weightlifting. He wanted to make his programming available worldwide while catering to the masses to not only Crossfit but to those who just want to get a good freaking sweat in! 

I got the opportunity to try out his program for a whole week and was super impressed by the trainers as well as the mindfulness that went into his program. During that time I interviewed Ryan to find out more about who he was and what made "the program" what it is today. 

Here's what he had to say, "My entire life has always been about fitness. At the age of 12, I was a world-ranked BMX racer. In high-school, I ran track and set records at just about every distance while also playing lacrosse and football at the varsity level since my freshman year. I was the kid who stared at the TV and promised his parents he would win Olympic gold in something. Commercial breaks always included push-ups and sit-ups and I was already obsessed with nutrition. I knew I had found my passion at such an early age.

As I grew up I got into skeleton and bobsled qualifying for the US Olympic Team Trials for both sports. I had 7 CrossFit Regionals appearances as well, with multiple top 5 regional finishes and top 20 worldwide open finishes. 

I struggled for years trying to make a career out of everything I accomplished, but it never equaled enough money to live. Throughout a series of events, I actually spent a few months as a couch surfing homeless kid in San Diego, CA. While I didn’t have enough money to live on my own, I still had the fire in my soul to do what I loved and I never let go of my true passion. Eventually, I qualified for a huge event with all the best athletes in the world with a free admission given to me by the owner of the event. He felt sorry for me but could tell that being part of that event meant so much to me at the time. I got 2nd place, against all of the best athletes in the world that weekend. Athletes I looked up to for years, watched on YouTube, and aspired to be like on a daily basis. That homeless kid made a name for himself that day and I hold onto that moment with every breathe I have. 

That passion radiates throughout my gym, my programming, and to all the people who join and coach at my gym. This is why CHALK is known around the world as one of the best gyms with unmatched community and programming. So much so, that hundreds of gyms around the world follow the very same programming that you will get when walking through these doors. And so much so that I travel around the world to teach others exactly what I did to grow such a brand. I also, have my own Podcast and currently do health and wellness consulting for large companies including Costco and the US Military. 

Recently retired from competing, my current hobbies besides working out include mountain biking, surfing, snowboarding, and hiking the biggest mountains I can find."

A few more things to add "The Program" gives access to a mobile app that will give you the daily workout(s) and an interactive worldwide leaderboard for scores, a database to save all your workouts, and constant communication with Ryan. 

AND if you sign up by June 1st, you will be entered in to win an SKI ERG! This program is month by month so if you don't think it's for you, no problem! Ryan wants you to know you have the ease of canceling at any time. 

So now the question stands, is "THE PROGRAMfor you?

This is a guest post from Linda Hong, CF-L1 Certified, Eleiko Strength Coach and WOD Nation Team Leader. You can always expect to hear back from Linda about any inquiries on WOD Nation gear. Linda is currently coaching at Crossfit Chiang Mai or traveling around the globe so catch her if you can! For more Linda, you can follow her on
 Instagram or email support@wodnationgear.com