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July 28, 2016

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Summertime is finally here! If you’re like most people, you’ve probably got at least one summer vacation planned and can’t wait to just kick back and relax! You don’t want to lose all those gains that you’ve worked so hard for and not everyone can afford that extra cost to  drop in on boxes but guess what? You’re in luck! Whether you’re on vacation or at home with no time to get to the gym, the tips below will help you create awesome, fun, and effective CrossFit-style WODs that you can do just about anywhere with little to no equipment.

Let’s get started by putting together a list of movements that we can do when we’re away from the gym. From this list, it’ll be pretty easy to pick and choose a few movements for an awesome workout!

 We’ve gone and separated them by what body parts or muscle groups they target the most. You can also try categorizing them by pushing movements like push-ups, presses, and handstand push-ups and pulling movements such as pull-ups and sumo deadlift high pulls. Workouts that have opposing push/pull movements tend to be very effective. Think about the workout “Fran,” the thruster is a pushing or pressing movement and the pull-up is, well a pulling movement. If you’ve ever done “Fran,” you know that this push/pull combination is a spicy one!


Lower Body

Squats, Lunges, Jumping Squats, Split Jumps, Goblet Squats, and Pistols (one-legged squats).

Upper Body/Core

Push-ups, Chair dips, Sit-ups, Toes to Bar/Knees to Elbows, Handstand Push-ups, Kettlebell/Dumbbell Presses, Pull-ups


Kettlebell/Dumbbell Swings, Sumo Deadlift High Pull (with a light weight), Jumping Rope (singles or doubles), Running, Cycling.

Alright, this is good! We’ve got a list of the movements we can do just about anywhere, lets put together a short equipment list. Don’t worry if you don’t have any of these items. They aren’t necessary for programming awesome WODs, but if you do happen to have these items, your WOD programming can be even more varied!



Stopwatch/timer/Tabata timer – We recommend the PushPress Timer app. It can be downloaded from the Google Play and iTunes App Store and it has all three timers! It’s free too!


Run Keeper app – Also available on the Google Play and iTunes App store. This app is great for tracking and measuring distance for running and cycling. It’s also free!


Jump rope - The Double Under Speed Jump Rope WOD Nation is an awesome choice!! It comes in a bunch of cool colors, you can a spare cable, a carry bag and a 100% lifetime warranty!


Kettlebell and/or dumbbell - Always a good thing to have around the house! These can be easily added to any home workout!


Bike - Doesn't have to be stationary! You could include a ride around the block as part of a workout!


Pull-up bar - The one that goes in the doorway, work wonders!


We have our movement and equipment lists. CHECK ✔ Let’s talk about a few different formats we can use to organize them.


Chipper A list of multiple movements that you go through only one time. Like a wood chipper, you start at one end and come out the other!


Rounds for time This format consists of multiple rounds that you do for time, or as quickly as possible. Three rounds and five rounds are most common, but you can choose any number of rounds.


AMRAP – As Many Rounds/Reps As Possible. In this format, you set a timer for a certain amount of time and your goal is to try to get as many rounds and/or reps as possible before time runs out. This is a good one if your pressed for time and know that you can only fit in a certain amount of time for a workout.


Death by – This one sounds worse than it is. In Death by WODs, you simply pick a single movement and do one rep the first minute, two reps the second minute, three reps the third minute and so on until you can’t complete the required reps for that minute. Burpees are a great movement for this format!


Tabata – A Tabata interval is 20 seconds of work, followed by 10 seconds of rest. You then complete that cycle for a total of 8 rounds. 


EMOM – Every Minute On the Minute. In this format you have one minute to complete a certain amount of work. For example, a solid workout using this format could be EMOM for 10 minutes: 10 Burpees. Each minute you are to complete 10 Burpees. If it takes you 30 seconds to complete the 10 Burpees, you rest for the remainder of that minute before repeating the reps in the next minute.

Now that we’ve got a few different programming formats, let’s talk about how to properly use them!

  1. Keep the choice of movements varied. Don’t only choose the movements you like or are good at. Everyone once in a while, throw in a movement or two that you need to practice. After a while, you might actually start to like them!
  2. Keep it simple. Some of the most effective workouts are the simplest. Don’t over think the programming. It can be easy to do. Don’t turn it into rocket science! Let’s think about “Fran” again. 21-15-9 reps for time of just two movements, thrusters and pull-ups. Only forty five reps of each, but as anyone who has done “Fran” before, can tell you it is devastatingly effective.

To get you started, we’ve provided you with a few WODs that are ready to go! Just remember that just because you’re on vacation or stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t or shouldn’t get a good workout that day!


Sample Home/Vacation WODs

No Equipment

10 minute AMRAP:

5 Push-ups

10 Sit-ups

15 Squats


“Death by Burpees”

1 Burpee on the first minute

2 Burpees on the second minute

3 Burpees on the third minute

continue until you can no longer complete the required number of reps for that given minute


“Tabata Anything!!!”

- Squats

- Sit-ups

- Push-ups

- Burpees

*Choose one, two , three, or all four movements!


3 rounds:

200m Run

20 Sit-ups

30 Walking Lunges


WODs with some Equipment


20 minute AMRAP:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats


Pressed for time? Try Half “Cindy!”

10 minute AMRAP:

5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Squats



Kettlebell Swings


*Complete ALL 8 rounds of Swings, then ALL 8 rounds of Sit-ups.


“Flight Simulator”



*Each set MUST be unbroken. If you stop or mess up, you MUST start that set from rep


“Flight Simulator” Lite



*Each set MUST be unbroken. If you stop or mess up, you MUST start that set from rep



Single-Unders (regular old jumping rope)

*Each set MUST be unbroken. If you stop or mess up, you MUST start that set from rep


EMOM on the minute for 20 minutes:

ODD minutes: 10 Burpees

EVEN minutes: 10 Pull-ups


This is a guest post from Alex Dichter, Co-owner and Head Coach of CrossFit Headway in Huntingdon Valley, PA. Alex has been CrossFitting since 2008, has been coaching since 2011, and is CrossFit level 1 and Outlaw Barbell certified. You can follow CrossFit Headway on Facebook and Instagram

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