How to Dominate The Crossfit Open 18.1

February 23, 2018

Photocredit: WODprep

Okay okay, so we all have done 20min workouts before, this isn't something new to the Crossfit world of WODs but because the fact it is an OPEN WORKOUT, it messes with our brain or how we function and we get all nervous before the 3, 2, 1...GO! AHHHHHH! 

Then before we know it, we can't string our T2B together and everything doesn't go as planned but not this time Dave Castro! 

CrossFit Open Workout 18.1 will be as follows:
20 Min AMRAP
8 toes to bar
10 dumbbell hang clean to overhead (5 on each arm)
Calories on the rower – 14 (men) /12 (women)

We teamed up with WODprep to give you the tips & strategy on how to last through this 20min AMRAP! Check out this video for 18.1 as well as for scaled and masters!

*make sure to go to to read up on those movement standards*

Main points that WODprep goes over in the video:

  • Pacing - keeping your heart rate low. You want to last! 
  • How and when to transition to each movement 
  • Tips & tricks you might not think of for toe to bars 
  • Best way to manage your grip

Basically, you want to watch this whole thing, its worth it!! Speaking of, WODprep is offering a FREE Complete 2018 Open Strategy Guide sent straight to you at 9 AM EST. All you have to do is sign up! How easy is that?? Did I mention it's FREE?? 

Haven't tried RX yet?? Maybe, it's your first year? It is such a milestone!! Hopefully, you didn't tear those hands up before the Open but if you did, we have got you covered with our WOD Nation Gymnastic GripsIf you don't have a pair, get yourself one before 18.2. Weak Wrist? We got you covered there as well with our WOD Nation Strength Wraps and Wrist Wraps! Don't let those dumbbells get the best of you! YOU GOT THIS! 

This is a guest post from Linda Hong, CF-L1 Certified, Eleiko Strength Coach and WOD Nation Team Leader. You can always expect to hear back from Linda about any inquires on WOD Nation gear. Linda is currently coaching at Crossfit Chiang Mai or traveling around the globe so catch her if you can! For more Linda, you can follow her on Instagram or email