How to Rebalance, Restore and Reset in 10 days

October 28, 2018

Photocredit: Ocean State Crossfit 

A tablespoon of apple cider vinegar before each meal...

And then protein 30 minutes after training...

Have your carbs before training, or was that after?

And make sure you have 6 meals a day or 3? Or wait! you can try intermittent fasting as well??

In the attempt to attain a certain physique or athleticism we all seem so desperate to overcomplicate it, that it usually leads us down the track of doing nothing. When the truth is, to see results all we really need to do is simplify it and go back to the bare bones of basic humans needs. And most importantly do it more often than not. 

After Regionals this year I went on a road trip around Europe for 3 months. I went from training 5-6 hours per day to maybe getting in 2 hikes a week. From counting macros and monitoring intake meticulously to eating baguettes and cheese for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 

My goal had changed. I wasn't trying to be an athlete anymore, I was simply enjoying life. And by the end of it, I had well and truly done that... but had swung a little too far. My skin had broken out after Regionals and the acne was getting progressively worse. My digestion was not functioning as regularly as usual which was causing me to bloat with every meal. My sleep was interrupted. I was unmotivated to train and I could feel the stress of the last few weeks of constant flying taking over me. 


When you feel like this it's easy to think you need something drastic to have an effect. But the good thing is that when things are so out of whack with your body, it's the smallest changes that can make the biggest difference. 

It's the mundane things that we overlook, the basic protocols of sleep, water, nutrition and training that will have the greatest impact on a struggling body. So I decided to reset my body. To take 10 days to do everything I could to regulate its systems and give it a platform to thrive off. 

No gimmicks.

No expensive supplements.

Nothing drastic. 

Just focusing on the basics. 

And after just 10 days resetting myself my acne cleared up, I lost 2kg of bloat, I was pooping daily again, I reduced my coffee from 4 a day to 1, I had energy in my training, I was sleeping soundly for 8 hours straight and most importantly, I felt human again. 

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I didn't design my 10 day reset for weight loss. I designed it to allow my body to function optimally, and with that, create an ideal environment for athletic performance and composition. Sometimes the healthiest thing we can do is stop counting calories, stop weighing ourselves and just listen and feel. 


Most people don't know what feeling great (not just good) feels like. And after months of traveling, I had started to forget as well. But feeling great is easier than we like to admit. The benefits of nutritious food, specific training and proper rest will present themselves so quickly you will wonder why you've been preventing yourself for so long from feeling this way. 

Your health isn't a fad. It's your career. It's your responsibility. Take time to master it so you can attack life every single day. 

Take 10 days,

Just 10.

To rebalance, restore and reset. 

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This guest post is from Elise Richmond: Australian born but considers herself a global citizen coaching CrossFit throughout Asia for the past 3 years. Elise's athletic career has moved from competitive bodybuilding to powerlifting to CrossFit, qualifying for Pacific Regionals in 2016 and 2018. She uses her fitness to tackle natures greatest challenges and explore the world. Elise is an online coach focusing on nutrition, training, and mindset. For more on Elise, you can follow her Instagram or at