Lunges for a Bigger Squat

June 08, 2017

You want to increase your squat don’t you?


My recommendation… stop squatting to improve your squat…

“WHAT!?” you might say… In our “squat everyday” world you might be rolling your eyes, but before you click away let me build my case with this video…


The Lunge – The Secret Squat Builder

All intense athletes LOVE the squat… it is a right of passage… it is the main event…

In Olympic weightlifting and CrossFit the squat is vital and is often used to make us the best athlete.

However, in this squat craze many of us have missed an exercise that brings big opportunity to get even stronger. Stronger in CrossFit, stronger in Oly and stronger in the squat!

The lunge…

What can the lunge do that the squat cannot?

Two big things:

  1. Using a lunge correctly you can put more force through the legs than in the squat. If you squat 400lbs this won’t translate to 200lbs per leg… no no... you’ll be able to do around 70% of your total back squat during a lunge… that is 70% of your back squat into one leg!!

  2. It is not easy to “compensate” in a lunge so that means weaknesses will show big time between the two sides of the body. Fix those weaknesses… become stronger overall! Period!

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The Challenge

For a 6-week cycle, replace the squat with the lunge. Start by using a back or front rack step back lunge. See how the different side of the body reacts and go from there.

Check out this great podcast: << based on a #NoSquatNovember challenge we did here in Columbus, Ohio and hear all the amazing results. It was the inspiration for this post and video. >> 

Good luck!

This is a guest post from Drew Dillon, head coach and co-founder of Project Lift during his lifting career as an athlete Drew placed as high as 4th at a USA Weightlifting Nationals and is a personal coach to 2012 Olympian Holley Mangold. He is also know as a weber grill snob and will routinely ask you "what is for dinner" during training. You can follow Drew on Instagram and YouTube.

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