Mother’s Day Gift Guide – For CrossFit Mums

May 10, 2019

It’s almost Mother’s Day! Every year it seems like a struggle to find the perfect gift for someone as special as your mom and I hope that you’ve sorted it all out weeks ago and don’t need any suggestions.

To help you jump-start the tenuous process of finding a gift, we asked the active moms from TheBarbell Beauties Fb group what one gift they would love to receive and added a couple alternates as well.

Since it can be hard to think of unique gifts, we’ve put together 12 gift ideas for mums who enjoy active lifestyles.

It’s not too late to spoil the mum you love!

Now first thing first!

1. Take Mum on a Date or Surprise Breakfast in Bed

Quality time with mum is one of the most precious gifts you can give. So, take her out on a date. Maybe it’s brunch at your local cafe, a walk through the botanic gardens, a bike ride along the foreshore, or coffee at the local farmer’s markets.

"My 5 year old out of the blue yesterday told me for next Mother’s Day I can have breakfast in bed", said one happy CrossFitter

2. WOD Nation Jump rope

 WOD Nation Jump rope

We all know that doing the jump rope is one of the best workouts for CrossFit.  Constant practice plus owning one are the keys to conquering those single and double unders.  CrossFitters have a lot of wonderful things to say about the WOD Nation jump rope. The rope is affordable, versatile and helps kick butt with double unders. It also doesn’t tangle or lose its shape when it’s brought everywhere.   “WOD Nation speed rope…. It’s the bomb! Lightweight so my forearms last longer before dying on double unders.“ said one happy CrossFitter

In addition, CrossFit lovers just love the amazing WOD customer service.  “After having it for a year, a piece broke off. When I inquired about a replacement piece, they sent me a whole new rope. They are great ropes and amazing customer service! 

Adored by many, it’s easy to see why this jump rope is praised so much. 

3. Sand Bar Handcare

Sand Bar Handcare

WHY SANDBAR? Regularly filing down calluses keeps your skin healthy and functional, preventing thick build up of dead skin (aka the callus) which greatly decreases likelihood of rips and tears.

4. NoBull Lifters

Nobull Lifter

Comfortable, sturdy and offering great support, NoBull shoes are a top favourite among CrossFit lovers. Combining stability and style, they are meant for intense weight training. They come in different colors and different types of materials. 


If you suffer from ripped hands, this balm can help reduce inflammation and repair torn, ripped skin, cutting healing time in half!

This beeswax-free formula is packed with skin nourishing ingredients, designed to lock in necessary moisture, and kill harmful bacteria. 

6. Journal for tracking any/all WOD data

7. Nike Metcons Shoes

CrossFitters found this good and comfortable for narrow feet. The Metcons are great investment because it worked well on a variety of training activities such as lifting, running and jumping. One reader said “I have narrow feet so I’ve found the Metcons fit me better and are more comfortable. I also think they’re better for running in than the Nanos were.”


If you didn't notice...Crossfitters love letting people know they Crossfit or how much they can't stand running. It's one of the other! So you can't go wrong with getting them one of these cute tanks/tees. They won't be able to wait to rock one of these tanks to the gym! 

9. Kettlebell

10. A sports Massage

Soothe mum’s post-workout muscles with a little relaxation. Whether it’s an essential oil gift pack, a massage voucher, or some soothing bath salts and sprays, the gift of recovery may be just what mum needs.