Overhead Mobility an Issue? – One Simple Stretch You’re Missing

April 28, 2018

Photocredit: Crossfit Baltimore 

Overhead mobility is one of the biggest challenges many athletes face. You need it to be successful in CrossFit and the sport of Weightlifting.

I have had the privilege of working with hundreds of athletes over the years, and I’ve learned there is an area most of them have neglected.

One area that can immediately give you more overhead mobility: Rib mobility.

In the video below I’ll show you a simple stretch using a WOD Nation Resistance Band paired with focused breathing that can give you more range of motion in just 10 breathes each side. 

Why the ribs? :

Very simple, if the ribs are able to move as they should then the muscles connecting in the area will be able to move as they should! Stability is made up of not just what is directly in the shoulder. It is made up of what those structures connect to and then also what those structures connect to.

Does the breathing in the exercise really matter? :

Yes! In fact, the breathing makes this exercise different from every other time you’ve seen an athlete stretch in this position. So often, athletes will grab a band and just lean into this stretch. But adding in the breathing toward the ribs helps the ribs to move in relation to each other. Break up that gunk and add it in!

**Want a guide on creating your own warm up with dozens of movements to try? I’ve created this free guide to help you through the process – Build Your Weightlifting Warm Up Guide **

Mobility is just part of the plan:

This exercise will provide some overhead mobility to you. However, that is just part of the issue, and if you don’t address the whole picture that your muscles will just keep tightening up! Often tight, sore and tender muscles around our shoulders can be traced to a stability issue. Because you’re unstable in that joint the muscles surrounding the joint tighten up and become irritated. I encourage you… find your stability issues and fix them! Don’t be your own worst enemy! 

This is a guest post from Drew Dillon, head coach and co-founder of Project Lift during his lifting career as
 an athlete Drew placed as high as 4th at a USA Weightlifting Nationals and is a personal coach to 2012 Olympian Holley Mangold. He is also know as a weber grill snob and will routinely ask you "what is for dinner" during training. You can follow Drew on Instagram and YouTube.