The People of CrossFit®: My Untold Story #20

November 13, 2018

AGE: 37

Tell us a little bit about yourself (family, job, hobbies, interests, etc.).

I work for a rubber inflatable seal manufacturer, loading Seals into large aluminum molds, I am a former Cook. I cooked/worked in food service--restaurant business for about 20 years. I also get to work out with my girlfriend of 8 years being without her I wouldn't have started this journey. We like to do outdoor things, farmers markets, flea markets, outdoor history stuff.

Which class time do you usually attend?

530 PM Monday - Friday, 9 AM Sunday open gym

When did you start doing CrossFit®?

June/July 2017

How did you hear about CrossFit® and what was your first workout?

I heard about it never knew what it was. I didn't know much about it until my girlfriend did a bootcamp course they offered and brought me in on a bring a friend day. Then I signed up and did a bootcamp with her (she did 2) then after that joined right up when our coach had us do bootstrap, Helen. And at the end while we were stretching she said, so do you think you can do CrossFit®. And all of us answered what we thought. And she said, well you just did. That was the turning point. My first-day workout during foundations was 4 rounds of 7 wallballs, 7 pushups, 7 box jumps. Then a few days later Fran lol (what an intro to CrossFit®)

What were you doing before CrossFit®?

I did Insanity, Focus T25, Les Mills programs. That's about it my diet was on and off.

How has your approach to CrossFit® changed since first starting?

I tried to go fast and hard right out the gate, tried to lift more then I could and let form go to the crap. Now I take the time and realized I'm only competing against myself, and form means everything. I don't need to PR everything every day. I scale down more accordingly for workouts.

Favorite WOD or movement / Least favorite?

My favorite is between clean and jerks and handstand pushups. I practice clean and jerk every chance I get. With the handstand push-ups, I used to dread them. Until I was able to start kipping on the wall and it's been so much fun ever since. For the least favorite it's Double unders... I can get a pretty okay set of 10 or 15 warming up for the wod but the minute the timer starts my body just says nope haha.

What types of changes have you seen (mentally, physically, and/or lifestyle) since starting CrossFit®?

I eat better, I don't want to say I eat perfectly, but I make better choices. I'm not as winded as I used to be unless it's a hard wod. I don't get chest pains anymore, I don't have as many digestive issues. It's given something to look forward too especially if I had a really hard day at work to come in and that hour is therapy. And doing this with my girlfriend has been great for us as a couple too

What inspires you?

I think that what's motivating me is how much I can tell I'm getting stronger and progressing farther. And just how much better I am doing for my self and my health every day showing up and putting maximum effort in.

What would you say to someone starting CrossFit® for the first time?

Go for it, no matter what you think, everything thing can be scaled to your level so no fear and the community is awesome and so supportive compared to a globo gym.

Something you might not know about me: 

I am such a huge fan of the final fantasy video games and I love American history to the point my girlfriend and I would rather go to battlefields, museum, historical villages instead of the beach and tourist trap things.

Thanks for reading my untold story,