Things your Physical Therapist Wishes You Knew

June 03, 2018

You are still in pain because you have not decided and committed to getting out of it, period.

Now if that sentence is offensive to you, if you take it personally, well, fortunately, that only means you likely find truth in it. You see we never take things personally that we do not find truth in. Imagine a scenario in which someone told you someone said something negative about you that you knew was not true, "You're ugly" when you know you're #SexyAF, or "You're dumb" when you know you wouldn't hire them if they would work for you for free.  It's hard to be offended by statements like those when you find no truth in them at all.

So now that we have that out of the way, now that we agree, you haven't decided and committed to being out of pain, so that is why you are still suffering from it, what do you do?

How do you decide?

What does commitment look like?

For many people whom I have the privilege of working with, the idea of living pain-free without going to a doctor or missing the gym sounded unrealistic, even crazy before we started, but now it's unbelievable that they never considered it. I remind them over and over again, you're not in pain because you decided not to be. You decided to take aggressive action and make getting out of pain your number one priority. You put your competitive fitness training on the back burner for 3 months so that you could build yourself a base to be durable enough to handle that kind of program. I remind them that they paid almost $2,000 for their solution and that they put value in the solution because of the financial investment they had to make in themselves to gain access to it.

STEP #1:

Deciding is raising your minimum level of acceptance from the world. If you allow yourself to struggle with shoulder pain until the day you can't wash your own hair without it, then when you finally get back in the gym but can only lift light weights, you might find it acceptable, after all, it is better than what you were experiencing a couple months ago when the shower was a struggle. You set new minimums. Minimums that today you would never consider.

STEP #2:

Committing is investing in yourself. Investments don't always have to be financial but often times they are. Get a little skin in the game, see how seriously you take it then. Imagine getting a car for free with no responsibility for damages, how carefully would you drive it? How often would you wash it? What if you had to pay $50,000 for the same car? How carefully would you drive it then? How often would you wash it? Another way to invest without spending money is to tell someone that you are committed to changing. Tell someone who you badly do not want to let down. Now you're faced with letting them down if you don't take action.

Now you know the things your Physical Therapist wishes you what are you going to do about it?

This is a guest post by Dr. Sean Pastuch. Dr. Sean is the founder of Active Life, a disruptively minded Physical Rehabilitation and Performance company that aims to provide an inspiring alternative to Physical Therapy and Chiropractic. Dr. Sean founded Active Life because he believes that people would live with less pain and would enjoy training more if the remedy to their ailment looked more like the life they want to live. Since its inception in 2015 Dr. Sean's Active Life has worked with thousands of CrossFitters including; Rich Froning, Camille Leblanc-Bazinet, Samantha Briggs, Noah Olsen, Jacob Heppner, Lindy Barber, James Newbury and so many more. Imagine getting rid of your aches and pains (despite your diagnosis), without having to go to the doctor's office multiple times per week and without having to miss the gym? That's what Dr. Sean wants for Active populations world wide. You can follow Dr.Sean and his team on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube