Attack Speed Jump Rope

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New to functional fitness or skipping rope? Looking to up your cardio game? Or does the thought of seeing double unders in the WOD make you run for the door?

Because not every jump rope is created equal… You need your OWN rope, perfectly adjusted for YOU! Don’t continue to struggle with singles while your friends are doing doubles.

Take the leap/jump from single unders to double unders with WOD Nation’s 2-in-1 Attack Jump Rope System.

FOR USE ON SMOOTH SURFACES ONLY : Like all steel cable jump ropes, this rope should only be used on a smooth gym surface. Do not use on cement or asphalt as the rough surface will destroy the coating on the cable.


WOD Nation’s unique Attack Jump Rope System comes with 2 ropes, 1 heavy monster cable + 1 lighter speed cable, that is designed to grow with you, as your skill, coordination, and speed improves.

Just starting out? Use the heavy cable first to get your timing and rhythm down. Just 5 minutes a day and we guarantee you’ll get your double unders in no time.

Feeling confident? Progress to the lighter cable and watch your double unders take shape. Soon you’ll be hearing that swish of the rope as your double unders connect effortlessly. Time to PR!

High quality, durable, yet affordable:

Fully adjustable to get the perfect fit for you. Fit your WOD Nation Attack Jump Rope in just minutes.

We use the most comfy non-slip, absorbent, ergonomic handle grips (think tennis racket!) that will help you maintain a natural, relaxed grip throughout your workout, so you’ll never lose control no matter how intense.

PVC coated cables will help you hear and feel your rope to get your timing down pat.

Best aircraft grade liquid steel bearings we could find for ultra-responsive rotation speeds at the flick of your wrist that will stand the test of time without rusting or seizing.

(High performing Athletes like MMA fighters, Boxers, and Muay Thai all incorporate this essential tool into their daily training)– skipping rope is the best total body workout you can do everyday that’ll get your heart pumping!

Got your double unders and looking for the next level? Check out our Speed Rope to really challenge yourself! (Internal link)

Rope should be about 6 – 10” above your head while jumping, so just test and see what feels best for you.