WOD Nation Knee Sleeve Support Band

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Whether you’re suffering from regular knee pain, recovering from an injury, or simply looking to prevent one, a knee sleeve support band can supply joint compression and warmth to promote improved blood flow and reduce strain directly on the knees.

The WOD Nation knee sleeve delivers consistent support with an unprecedented level of flexibility and comfortability. This sleeve will allow any athlete, whether you're a Crossfitter or Strongman competitor, to crush your workout without restricting your movements and causing discomfort.

So what can this knee sleeve do for you?

  • KEEP FIT WITHOUT DAMAGING YOUR KNEES - No matter what sport you love any of them can be hard on your knees. Protect yourself while rounding the bases, going for the layup or getting deep in your squat. These knee sleeves will help you stay injury free.
  • 5MM SBR NEOPRENE - We use only the best materials when constructing this knee support. 5mm of SBR neoprene keeps this sleeve tight enough to offer a lot of support without cutting off circulation.
  • INCREASE BLOOD FLOW & REDUCE PAIN - WOD Nation knee sleeves add a valuable knee compression element that increases blood flow and reduces knee pain, not only during but also after performance.
  • STAY IN PLACE WHILE EXERCISING - These knee sleeves stay tight and snug during your whole workout.

For correct sizing measure around your lower leg 6 inches below the knee cap with the knee joint flexed 30 degrees.

Small (13 - 13.75 inches)
Medium (13.75 - 14.5 inches)
Large (14.5 - 15.75 inches)
X-Large (15.75 - 17 inches)