Coach Barry Lavis from CrossFit® Chiang Mai - Today were going to go over 2 stretches for the front rack position. Front rack mobility is important to get your elbows high for that weight distribution with the barbel. We need it to be on the front rack at all times. It will make it easier to front squat, do thrusters and catch that clean. Before we do these two stretches take a look at the position before we start. Nothing wrong with this but for me as a coach i’d like to see those elbows higher so we can get a better front rack position. We're going to go over two stretches now and then come back and see if we’ve made a difference. 

OK so first stretch for the front rack… Choose the band that gives you the right resistance. We’re trying to distract the shoulder. We’re not trying to break anything. For the ladies the purple lighter resistance band is usually fine. For the guys perhaps a heavier green exercise band is better. For the first stretch put your wrist inside and grab a hold of the band and turn around. Get a little resistance in the band and we’re going to allow the band to distract the triceps, under the shoulder and part of the lats. If you want a little more resistance just walk forward a little bit. we’re not pulling or tugging on the band we’re allowing the band to do the work.
We’re going to spend about 30 seconds to a minute in this position. so hold that position and then walk out of that. 

Second stretch we’re going to do for the front rack position is taking the first stretch a little further. We’re going to put our elbow in the band now and turn around. now walk forward and let the band pull the arm back. No tugging. Let the band do the work. You lean into the stretch and you let the band stretch it.
Now take a look at the difference just a minute of stretching has made. The athletes elbows are much higher and the barbel is much more secure.

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