Coach Barry Lavis from CrossFit® Chiang Mai - Hey guys, Barry here coach with WOD Nation. Just had my new jump rope through. Going to take a look at what we get when we open it up. First and foremost you get the new jump rope. Secondly you get spare components in case you you lose any of the screws or sliders. You also get a spare cable in case the original breaks or you just wear it out.

One of the common questions i get is how to size your jump rope. First things first is take you jump rope and split it in half with your foot. This is the size of the jump rope as it comes out of the packet. I’m now going to adjust it to the size I need. Eventually i’m going to want the jump rope to be about chest high. First you leave the left hand exactly as it it. Slider and screw are tight together. We're just going to move the right side. We need to slide the slider down. Bring the handle down to the slider. Then unscrew the adjustment screw and bring it down to the handle. Then we’re going to take a look. Is that the right size. Maybe a little bit long so again bring the slider down followed by the handle and then the screw. Take another look. OK. For me id say that's about right.

My advice to anyone when you get a new jump rope is to leave it a little bit longer ok? Especially if you’re just new to double under i find that a slightly longer rope for beginners can be quite helpful. at the end of day don’t take too much off ok? Get used to the jump rope. So right now i’m happy with that. Next you tighten up the adjustment screws and make sure it's pretty tight to that new buffer. My advice is to keep a little bit extra on the end just in case. Especially if you’re new to double unders. You want a little bit of play. You may want to lengthen or shorten the rope in time so always leave a little bit.

Tools you’re going to need for this guys… a sharp pair of wire cutter. Easy enough ok? so leaving a little bit of play put the wire in the wire cutters. cut and you’re good to go. you notice this comes with a cap for the end so take that off the extra wire and replace eon th cut end oft cap. make sure that’s securely on and we’re good to go. so one of the key components to this new jump rope is the slider. without the slider we found that when we were doing double under whether in competition or just spinning we found that the handle was sliding down quite a lot so there was a lot of excess rope so what we did was design this slider which means the handle is always going to be tight so you’re not going to get that problem with the handle sliding down the cable. You’ll find on this side we’ve got so much like some of the other models out there but with this slider its nice and tight.

So if you’re new to CrossFit® or new to double under you may well have come across something like this. This is one of these jump ropes that's in boxes world wide. It's a starter jump rope. Nothing wrong with it. It's a great rope. In time unfortunately you’re never going to get the right size you need. Also these ropes tend to kink very easily. So one of the reasons i tell my clients you need your own jump rope is because you want it fit to your size. You want to learn the weight of one rope and the way it works. So with the WOD Nation rope I’ve cut it to my size. We’ve got the sliders set properly. I know the weight. I’ve done double under with it before so every time i go to my rope i know it's going to be the right rope for me.

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