4 Inch Weight Lifting Belt

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  • FIRM SUPPORT AND AMAZING COMFORT - The WOD Nation pro weightlifting belt is designed to give great abdominal and lower back support while still being amazingly comfortable.
  • EASY TO SECURE AND REMOVE DURING WORKOUT - Many of our athletes like to take the weight belt on and off many times during their workout so we designed it to do just that. With a quick tug of the “shark-tooth” velcro strap you can tighten and loosen it without loosing time between reps.
  • PROMOTES BETTER LIFTING - Our belt forces you to lift more with your legs than your back, which is precisely the bio-mechanical position you want to use during deadlifts and squats with a barbell.
  • UNISEX SIZING FITS BOTH MEN AND WOMEN - Measure around the waist between the hips and the ribs to determine proper size - Small : 27-32” Medium 32-36” Large 36-39” X-Large 39-43”