Leather Palm Guards / Gymnastics Grips

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  • No more rips and tears! No more uncomfortable straps or buckles that dig into your wrists. Hand protection is vital – once you rip or tear, it’s game over.

    Our WOD Nation leather palm grips are modeled after the best gymnastics grips that help you stay longer on the bar. We listened to our fellow Athletes and got to work designing the best palm leather grips out there.


Made with premium micro-fiber, it’s soft yet durable, to still allow you to feel the bar and improve your grip strength while doing pull ups, toes to bar, or muscle ups.

Ultimate comfort & protection

Our premium hand grip protection, combined with a secure yet comfortable velcro wrist strap, takes pressure off your hand grip and helps absorb it in your wrist so you can crank out more reps without fatigue.

Did you know most people are wearing it wrong? Pull the grip holes up to your first knuckle. It creates a gap and as you fold your hand around the bar, you’ll notice this excess material helps act like a safelock that will help you hang and grip the bar with more stability so you can train longer and harder.

Unlike gloves, which slow down your transition to another movement or workout, simply remove your fingers and turn the grip to the back of your hand. Heading back to the pull up bar? Turn it back, slip the holes back to your knuckle and you’re ready to go, not wasting any time.

Bloody blisters and tears are painful and take awhile to heal.  Eliminate pain with WOD Nation Leather Palm Grips.  Your hands will thank you.