Compression Muscle Floss

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  • MAGIC. This is the #1 SOLUTION to eliminating inflammation, reducing pain, breaking up scar tissue, and getting your joints to slide and move the way they were supposed to, all without the need of costly medical intervention.


Let’s face it, you’re on your feet throughout the day, or at your desk with poor posture. Add to that previous injuries, built up scar tissue around your joints, making everyday movements painful. You’ve lived with this for so long that you forget what your real “normal” could feel like.

WOD Nation’s Muscle Floss Compression Band is made of natural latex rubber, and comes in a two pack. You may ask how two thin pieces of rubber can SIGNIFICANTLY and almost IMMEDIATELY change your range of motion? Experience it for yourself!

By tightly wrapping the floss band around your joints and slowly moving through your range of motion, just 1-3 minutes of compression and movement forces the muscles to work despite the compression, so it’ll massage out all the scar tissue and inflammation, and when you release the band, the new blood flow rushes to that spot,

Normal joints shouldn’t make noise. Creaky joints aren’t normal, even as you age. These floss bands actually improve the sliding surfaces and tissue mobilization unlike anything else out there.

Why 2 bands? Because this takes it to the next level! Previous knee or elbow injury? Wrap one band below your joint and one band above your joint, leaving your actual knee or elbow joint unwrapped, creating that healthy gap for your joint to move around freely. You’ll feel the difference compared to just one band, GUARANTEED.

Physiotherapists, Sports Rehab Facilities, they all SWEAR by this. This is a game changer!

These muscle floss compression bands should be a MUST HAVE in every person’s gym bag. Use this to undo years of damage. You can do this before or after a workout, to start, do it up to 2-3 times a day. You’ll feel like a completely new person after 30 days!

Feel the shift, the shock, the tingle. ALWAYS wrap towards the heart to avoid damaging blood vessels.