Resistance Bands

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These are the very same exercise bands you use in your daily WOD at your gym or Box. Made of 100% latex rubber and a standard 41 inches long, these bands are perfect for:

  • Pull Up Progression
  • Muscle Up Progression
  • Assistance with Dips
  • Mobility Exercises



MAKE FAST PROGRESS WITH YOUR PULL UP PROGRESSION - Don't have strict or kipping pull-ups yet, use one (or better yet two) of these pull-up assistant bands to help your pull up progression.

COMBINE TWO DIFFERENT BANDS TO BOOST YOUR FITNESS FAST - We recommend that athletes use one thin band and one thicker band together. Start your pull-up progression with the thin band. Then when you tire out switch to the thicker band. Then finally to squeeze out the last reps, add them both together.

GET IN THE BEST SHAPE OF YOUR LIFE - We designed these bands to last a really long time. Use them for speed and agility training, jumping, plyometrics, aerobics, flexibility exercises, stretching, general conditioning, prehabilitation, and rehabilitation.