Resistance Bands

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Resistance: #3 Purple - 40 to 80 lbs

These are the very same exercise bands you use in your daily WOD at your gym or Box. Made of 100% latex rubber and a standard 41 inches long, these bands are perfect for:

  • Pull Up Progression
  • Muscle Up Progression
  • Assistance with Dips
  • Mobility Exercises


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Perfect for home workouts

Our resistance bands can help you get a full body workout at home or in the great outdoors. Stay whole-body fit from the safety of your home.

Boost your pull up progression

Don't have strict or kipping pull-ups yet? Use one (or better yet, two) of these to jump start your assisted chin up training. These work great in gyms or on a home door chin-up bar.

Made with 100% Natural Rubber

We searched the globe for the best natural rubber we could find. Natural rubber provides the best stretch and makes the longest lasting resistance bands.

Perfect for pull up progression

If you're looking to get a great back and arm workout but can't do a single pull up on your own... WOD Nation pull up bands are here to help.

No matter your size, age, or stregth level, we have a band that can help you get to the next level. Do as many assisted pull ups as you can for 3 rounds a few times a week. As you get stronger, use a thinner band to strengthen your muscles even more. Before you know it you'll be doing pull ups without assistance altogether!

Great for mobility work and rehab

Use these bands to help stretch before and after your workouts. Just get into position and let the band do the work for you.