Ankle Stretch with Exercise Band


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Coach Barry Lavis from CrossFit® Chiang Mai - Today we’re going to go over a quick stretch we can use the resistance band to help our tight ankles. if you suffer from tight ankles calves or achilles this is something you can do before front squats or any of those exercises that involve needing a little more ankle flexibility. Pick the right band. It doesn’t have to be too think. Today i’m going to use the black resistance band. You’re going to need a 45 pound plate. The idea is to elevate the ball of the foot onto a platform so i’m going to recommend a 45 punt plate. You’ve going to hook the band around a post in your home or your box and put your foot in the band. You want the band to be quite close to the foot. keep it right on the ankle. Remember what you’re trying to stretch, the achilles, the calf and the ankle. Now the athlete is going to stretch the band and put the ball of the foot on the plate.

You need to have tension in the band. not so much tension that the band is pulling you back but enough tension that you can feel it. get the top half of the foot on the plate. keep your leg nice and straight. Now lean into that stretch. the band will distract the ankle back while you lean forward. do this for about 30 to 35 seconds. Now get down in your squat and see if you can see a difference in your flexibility. This is a quick fix we can use to stretch those ankles out.